Prisms Definition: A solid having bases or ends that are parallel, congruent polygons and sides that are parallelograms. Examples of a prism:


Triangular Prism- 5 faces, triangular base, 9 vertices, Rectangular Prism- 6 faces, rectangular base, 12 vertices Cube- 6 faces, square base, 12 vertices Pentagonal Prism- 7 faces, pentagon base, 15 vertices Hexagonal Prism- 8 faces, hexagon base, 18 vertices

Prisms in Everyday Life We see prisms all over the place. Some prisms we use everday, and some we don't use very often.

Spheres- you may see spheres as marbles, basketballs, baseballs etc.

Cubes- you may see cubes as dice, card board boxes, presents etc.

Cones- ice cream cones, street cones etc.

Cylinders- cans of soup, water pipe etc.

Pyramids- egyptian pyramid, paperwieght etc.

Examples in Pictures

external image andy-warhol-campbells-soup-can-c-1962-old-fashioned-tomato-rice.jpgexternal image snow20cone20cup.jpgexternal image Rubiks_cube_by_keqs.jpgexternal image 1018963718_85c5050c8d.jpgexternal image one_dollar_bill_reverse-united_states_.jpgexternal image building3.jpgexternal image lego_brick.jpg

Prisms Video:

By:Matthew Bowling, Natalia Brody, Blaine Allen, Grant Autler