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What is a polygon?
A closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments.

Polygon Game
A triangle has three sides, three vertices, and three angles.
A quadrilateral has four sides, four vertices, and four angles.
A pentagon has five sides, five vertices, and five angles.
A hexagon has six sides, six vertices, and six angles.
A heptagon has seven sides, seven vertices, and seven angles.
An octagon has eight sides, eight vertices, and eight angles.
A nonagon has nine sides, nine vertices, and nine angles.
A decagon has ten sides, ten vertices, and ten angles.
external image moz-screenshot-6.pngA hen-decagon has 11 sides,eleven vertices, and ten angles.

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Polygon Matching
Polygon Matching
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The following are examples of polygons:
external image IMG00049.GIF
The figure below is not a polygon, since it is not a closed figure:
external image IMG00050.GIF
The figure below is not a polygon, since it is not made of line segments:
external image IMG00051.GIF
The figure below is not a polygon, since its sides do not intersect in exactly two places each:
external image IMG00052.GIF
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