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What is a Platonic Solid?
A platonic solid is a 3D shape that is formed from a lot of regular polygons such as squares or triangles being placed end to end and then folded into a 3D figure. You have probably seen a net before. A net is a 2D image of a platonic solid before it is folded into a 3D shape. This is a net for a cube:

external image cube.gif This is a net for an octahedron:external image octa.gif

There are five types of Platonic Solids.
1. cube external image cube.gif
2. dodecahedron external image Dodecahedron.jpg

3. icosahedron external image icoso.png

4. octahedron external image 605px-Octahedron_svg.png

external image polyhedra-tetrahedron.gif
5. tetrahedron
video: **http://www.platonicsolids.info/PlatonicSolidRock.htm**

Here are some links to websites with more info about platonic solids:

more examples: http://www.coolmath4kids.com/polyhedra/index.html
interactive game: http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/NAV/frames_asid_128_g_2_t_3.html
another interactive game: http://www.sporcle.com/games/gnat79/platonic_solids

How to make your own platonic solids!!
Materials: gum drops, toothpicks

1. Connect the toothpicks with gumdrops, making the basic polygon first.
2. Build onto the basic polygon, forming more polygons until you have a platonic solid.
If you need a better explanation, the video for this is on:

It is the second video.

Quiz over Platonic Solids
Answer the following quiz questions. Be sure to click on the "Submit" button at the end of the quiz.Name of student
1. Which Platonic solid has 20 faces?
2. Which Platonic solid has pentagonal faces?
3. How many vertices does a hexahedron have?
4. How many edges does a dodecahedron have?
5. How many faces does a dodecahedron have?
6. What is the shape of each face on a tetrahedron?triangesquarehexagonrectangle

7. How many degrees are at each vertex (where the faces meet) of an icosahedron?60 degrees300 degrees180 degrees240 degrees
8. How many degrees in each interior angle of 1 face of a dodecahedron?60 degrees120 degrees108 degrees324 degrees
9. How many Platonic solids are there, in all?45610
10. How many of the Platonic solids are formed with triangular faces?12345

THIS QUIZ IS FROM: http://www.newman.net/dallen/math/Quiz2.html

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