Cones by Lauren Santana, Katie Smotherman, and Annie McIntosh


Cone-a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point.
Cone-circular shaped object with pointed end.


How to make a cone

1. Cut a circle out of a piece of paper.
Cut a triangle by making two cuts to the center of the circle as shown. The triangle should be one quarter of the circle.
3. Then hold the edge of the slits you made and fold it around so they connect.
4. Then Tape the slits together to make a cone.

external image Pop_rocket_cone.gif

Examples of cones we use today

external image traffic-cone.jpg external image mint_chocolate_chip_ice_cream_cone_908014.jpg

Traffic Cone Ice Cream Cone


Conoid, pyramid, raceme, strobile, and strobiloid.

Why We Study Cones
We study cones for many reasons. Cones are a part of geometry, in geometry we study volume, area, perimeter, and surface area. Cones help us practice how to do this and in life you need to know how to get the area, perimeter, volume and all of these other things to say for example, paint a room, or build something. You even know how find the perimeter, area, and volume to make an icecream cone! That is why we study cones.

See full size image
See full size image

This is a cone.

Video - This video tells about how to find the volume of a cone

**** - This video tells how to find the surface area of the cone

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In conclusion, cones are all around us in the world and help us with many things, we just don't notice them. They are great study tools and help us with learning how to find volume, area, surface area, perimeter, and many other things. I hope you learned and enjoyed everything we have said about cones.