Here are pictures of some circles!


Circle Video(For the circle video you need to log into brain pop to watch it.)
Discovery Videos(You might need to log in to this site to watch.)


Circle Game


Google Images (type in circle)
Brain Pop
Discovery Videos
Saxon Math Book (Course 2) pg. 851 (in the glossary)


Circle- A circle is a closed, curved shape in which all points are the same distance from its center.
Circumference- the perimeter of a circle
Radius- the distance from the center of a circle or sphere to a point on the circle or a sphere
Semicircle- a half circle
Diameter- the diameter across a circle through its center

Using Circles

We use circles alot of places. When you are drawing, you can draw a circle. Many items are shaped like a circle.
Some of our food are shaped like circles. We see circles everywhere we look!


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